How to care for your Virgin hair


How to care for your Virgin hair
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Remember your Virgin hair is an investment and must be protected and treated as such to ensure longevity of your extensions it is best to treat them as your own natural hair.

Upon receiving your bundles cold wash bundles in warm water with the moisture rich conditioner and allow her to air dry.

When washing extensions always use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner that is moisture rich and free of alcohol and sulfates.

Always brush hair with wide tooth comb or paddle vent brush from the ends and workyour way towards the top.

Virgin hair is 100% human hair in no longer connected to the scalp to receive its natural nutrients so it’s important to deep condition the hair so maintain its natural luster we recommend once every two weeks more if needed or if hair has been color treated.

For an increase longevity seal the wefts of your extensions to prevent major shedding. Minimal shedding is normal.

Before using any type of heat or thermal styling always use heat protectant.

Before going to bed always comb through your hair from ends to roots and tie down with Lacedbyshacesilk bonnet or silk scarf.

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